Websites to Learn Coding for Free

Websites to Learn Coding for Free

Welcome to the world of coding, where invention has no limits and creativity and problem-solving collide. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to code but are worried about the cost that may be required. You do not need to worry; the internet is your playground with countless websites to learn coding for free.

Nowadays, with so many websites providing excellent free coding materials and tutorials, learning to code has been easier.

These websites are suitable for people of all skill levels and interests, be it novices seeking to learn new abilities seasoned pros wanting to brush up on their knowledge, or just inquisitive about the workings behind the websites and apps you use daily..

So, join the millions of people across the world who are using these amazing websites to unlock the power of coding, whether you’re a student, a working professional, or just someone with a passion for learning.

Prepare yourself for an exciting learning adventure filled with creativity, exploration, and limitless opportunities all from the comfort of your own home and at no cost.

Why you should learn coding

Coding promotes the use of algorithms and logic in the creation of programmes. When faced with a new obstacle, you must solve the problem logically. As such, this is a mental exercise to improve your capacity to reason. Not only does logical thinking help with algorithmic problems, but it also improves both your personal and professional lives.

You learn to think through coding. You must provide a solution to a challenge requiring advanced problem-solving techniques while coding. It teaches your brain to think critically, recognize problems, dissect them, and then piece together a solution. This kind of troubleshooting ability enables you to view an issue from a whole new angle and makes you a smarter person both personally and professionally.

Although some people may find coding dull with typical formulas, it may also be enjoyable and innovative. You won’t have to address the same issues over and over again; instead, you’ll face new obstacles that call for fresh approaches.

Websites to learn coding for free


Khan Academy is one website to learn coding for free and it provides free materials for teaching and learning.

It offers a wide range of courses on several topics, including computer science and programming fundamentals.

Additionally, it offers a free mobile version for iOS and Android that doesn’t require in-app payments or subscriptions.

Coding is only one of the many courses that Khan Academy provides. This free website offers tutorials and courses covering everything from the fundamentals of computer programming to the most complex applications. All age groups can enroll in classes here, conducted by professionals. 


  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • CSS
  • HTML
Khan Academy| Learn Coding For free


One of the best websites to learn coding for those just starting in coding or other technology-related fields is without a doubt Coursera.

It allows you to learn coding for free by providing a large selection of tutorials and tools that are put together and taught by academics from leading universities throughout the world.

Once students complete its programmes, it offers validated credentials from top companies in the field, like Google, IBM, Meta, and Salesforce; however, access to the certification is paid for.

For the value of the content provided, the rates are subsidized; additionally, individuals can apply for scholarships to be eligible for all premium benefits.


  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Algorithms Specialization


Udemy is one of the most comprehensive websites to learn coding for free, which provides a large selection of both technical and non-technical courses. It enables many tutors to produce content and post it to the website.

Nearly all programming languages are covered in a large number of both free and paid courses. To help you decide between buying or commencing the course, previews of the material and deliverables are typically provided at the beginning of the course. 

There are thousands of courses available on the online learning platform Udemy, not just programming classes.

Although there are many expensive courses available, it’s really simple to locate the free ones. The fact that Udemy constantly has discounts and special deals is another unique characteristic.


  • All programming languages
  • Game development (Unity, Unreal Engine, etc)
  • Mobile Application development
  • Web development
  • Cybersecurity
Udemy| Learn Coding For free

4. eDX

One of the best websites to learn coding for free is edX, which is accessible to all users. Free online courses are available from internationally recognized colleges including MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and more.

Over 160 universities collaborate with edX to offer over 3,000 top-notch courses. They cover a range of subjects, such as data analysis and computer science.

Users can temporarily view all course materials through its free audit track. But only those who upgrade to the verified track are eligible to get certificates and finish graded assignments.

Though most of the courses may be completed in your spare time because they are self-paced, they are somewhat more demanding and need more time and attention. While the majority of edX’s courses are available for free, the validated certificate it offers requires payment.


  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • AI
  • Machine Learning 


Codecademy is an interactive learning platform that provides top-notch computer science and web development courses in multiple programming languages. It also offers other educational materials, including projects, challenges, essays, cheat sheets, and code documentation.

Numerous free courses are offered by Codecademy, and its pro members get access to a career center, premium courses, and credentials.

Remember that it is well regarded in the coding community and that you will have the chance to master programming as well as other technical skills.


  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • C++
  • Ruby
  • SQL
  • Java 
Codecademy| Learn Coding For free


SoloLearn is one of the websites to learn coding for free. This website is built around the idea of “learning to code on the go,” and it differs from other coding websites. To make learning enjoyable, the courses include mini-lessons, rewards for accomplishments, and awards.

You can work together with other users in the Solo Learn Playground by sharing your codes. They also offer a lovely blog that is updated often with the latest tech news and coding advice.


  • Ruby
  • jQuery
  • HTML and CSS
  • PHP
  • Python
  • C++
  • SQL
  • JavaScript 


GeeksforGeeks is among the websites to learn coding for free. For those who want to learn programming, this website is the best choice for you.

 It mixes free lessons, well-written articles, live instruction, webinars with business executives, coding challenges, and chances for employment for its most deserving pupils.

The goal of GeeksforGeeks is to assist individuals in learning computer science and programming. 

There are three primary categories for its paid and free courses: school, self-paced, and live. Users have the option of choosing between pre-recorded lessons, live streaming, or a mix of the two to learn from professionals.

It usually comes with code samples in almost all programming languages and contains helpful resources on nearly any related topic you may look for.


  • Java
  • Python
  • C
  • JavaScript
GeeksforGeeks| Learn Coding For free


Upskill is an excellent website for teaching novices web development and programming, with over 70,000 students in 150 countries. Its classes include several excellent videos that break down difficult ideas into easily understood language.

Additionally, there are lessons on how to find the best offer and prepare for an interview to assist students land their first IT job.

More than two hundred classes are available to anybody who registers for a free account. To finish all of the courses on the website, users can also upgrade to a Pro subscription, which comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Git


If you want to learn how to code, W3Schools is among the top online coding websites. With a focus on documentation, W3Schools provides a wealth of tools for developers. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL, Java, NodeJS, C++, and C# are among the programming languages that are supported.

Because it has updated materials that enable one to regularly re-learn particular syntaxes and commands, it is also beneficial to ongoing developers

It offers certifications through a premium service, but if you’re just starting, it’s recommended to start with the free content until you understand all the key ideas and choose your course of study.

You may write and run code on the website thanks to its interactive functionality. 


HTML Workshop

Introduction to JavaScript


Every coding guide available on this website is free of charge. Following their coding classes, they offer practical experience working on nonprofit projects.

It’s ideal for those who are eager to study and gain real-world experience. Acquiring knowledge of coding presents obstacles and resources such as guides and training programmes to overcome them. In addition, you can meet other programmers in your area or nation to converse or share ideas on the community forum where others are studying alongside you.


  • Web design
  • Data Science
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Machine Learning 


Altschool is also among the websites to learn coding for free. 

Meanwhile, AltSchool offers coding for free, as well as a significantly more cost-effective learning path, with a token as tuition fee.

A course can last up to a year, including an internship, and admittance is contingent upon passing an entrance assessment exam.

The certifications you get from Altschool can help you advance your professional path, pursue further education, or enter the IT industry.


  • Frontend Engineering
  • Backend Engineering
  • Cloud Engineering. 


Which coding app is free to use?

Codecademy Go app. Basic courses are available for free on this app. Because of the straightforward lesson structure, active community, and opportunity to create a code portfolio, it’s among the best introductory coding courses available.

Can I use my phone to code?

Yes, you can code with your Android phone, but depending on the kind of programming you want to perform, it might not be the ideal choice.
The Google Play Store offers several coding apps that let you write, compile, and execute code on an Android smartphone.

Which code should I start with as a novice?

Python. If you want to start learning coding with a simple and enjoyable language, Python is always a good choice.
Python reads like English and is easy for a beginner to understand, saving them from having to plunge right into rigid syntax constraints.


For people who are keen to learn coding, there are various websites to learn coding for free on the internet. It has never been easier or more fun to learn coding because of the multitude of websites that provide in-depth guides, interactive exercises, and encouraging communities.

Regardless of your goals launching a new business, improving your current abilities, or simply discovering the wonders of technology these websites offer the support and resources you need to be successful, all without breaking the wallet.

So grab hold of the time, jump in, and start learning to code. What you can imagine is the only limit.

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